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CYBER DESIGN GROUP is an Internet presence provider dedicated to delivering comprehensive Internet-based marketing communications solutions. Our job is to give companies more effective means to communicate with, and profit from, their markets.

CYBER DESIGN GROUP can build World Wide Web systems with a wide range of capabilities, and with varying degrees of integration into the existing business systems of the client.

   The traditional Web system simply puts forward graphical information to the user. For example, it might display the company logo and provide lists of products and services.

CYBER DESIGN GROUP combines technical and creative proficiency to make an impact 'in the end-of-millennium marketplace. We know what it takes to make a Web site successful. Before you spend a single dollar, we'll be able to tell you exactly what you will need to invest and what you can expect to gain, so you can make an intelligent, informed decision about your presence on the Internet.

   Even if you do not have a single page of marketing collateral to start with, we'll work with you to develop the concepts, the design and the copy you need to build an exciting and effective presence on the Web, with a site that not only draws attention, but also stimulates response. We are Web-oriented to the core. Unlike design studios that have limited themselves to adding technical staff, or software houses that are limited to taking on creative talent, CYBER DESIGN GROUP was built on a balanced alliance of technical, marketing and talent, all firmly committed to the craft of Internet marketing communications.

CYBER DESIGN GROUP has what it takes to keep your site up to date with the best and boldest new features and service options. We can also help you update the content of your pages on a regular basis. That way, your CYBER DESIGN GROUP Web site will always enclose your very latest news and information, keeping visitors to your site informed and continually interested.

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Web Design & Management
We specialize in custom design web sites generating state of the art web pages, reflecting the image you want to communicate to your page visitors, and we take this an extra step to encourage them to buy your products or services and to contact you. When we build a page we utilize the most up to date technology for the right balance between the artistic view of the page, the marketability of your message, and the speed at which the pages load so that your visitors do not get frustrated with long waits for your page to appear. After we setup your pages we can continue to manage your site, verifying and updating the hyperlinks, making the changes necessary to keep your site current with the changes that occur continuously in the marketplace to maximize the efficiency of your site and the response to your messages.

Web Hosting
We offer one of the most economical and flexible web hosting plans, custom designed to meet your needs and grow with you. We will help you research and register your domain name and offer the hosting plan to meet your needs.

Our Services Include:
• Virtual or non-Virtual Domain Names.
• Interactive Multimedia Homepages.
• JAVA enabled Homepages.
• Informative Site.
• Interactive Forms for customer feedback Full FTP Access.
• Full FTP Access.
• 24-hour Systems Maintenance and Backup.
• Excellent Design Team standing to help.
• No Bandwidth Fees - Unlimited Traffic Allowance.
• Fast and Reliable Dedicated Servers.

Web Marketing
Having a great web site is only the first step in your marketing plan. The real value of your site is how many people see it, the traffic of your site. Here where our expertise come and where we stand out from the rest. Marketing your site is the second step. It starts with search engine registration, and goes all the way through the different ways of advertising. When we market your site we do things differently from the others. We do not generate generic registrations and slap your banner randomly.  We work with you and make the effort to maximize the efficiency of your site marketing plan targeting the audience you want to reach.

Desktop Publishing
Cyber Design Group has been in the desktop publishing business since 1988. We can take your desktop publishing project from the initial design all the way to producing it in any format you like, and ready for press; such as flyers, brochures, catalogues, presentations, web pages,  posters, logos, and more. Our work is custom to meet your taste and reflect your image.

Graphic Design
We design logos, letterheads, business cards, display advertisement, multilingual internet banners and others. We also utilize digital studio technologies in photo restoration and customization.

Commercial Photography
At Cyber Design Group a combination of advanced photographic equipment & technologies and extensive experience allows us to transfer any real life image into an expressive vibrant photograph to fit your commercial needs.

Internet Consultation Services
For Businesses seeking an understanding of the fit between Internet Electronic Commerce technology and business application CYBER DESIGN GROUP provides a full range of Advising and planning services ranging from setting up your own Web services to securing electronic commerce transactions.

Internet Security Services
Safeguard your corporation against the external and internal security threats associated with being on the Net. CYBER DESIGN GROUP provides a full range of security services for securing all of the Internet services, including e-mail, WWW, and Electronic Commerce. We provide our customers with comprehensive project plan and proven technologies for safely connecting to the Internet.

Turnkey Intranet design, development and Maintenance:

Intranets are quickly becoming one of the most powerful information dissemination tools used in corporations around the globe. CYBER DESIGN GROUP  Intranet services include step-by-step planning, designing, programming, and implementing stages of an Intranet. We also provide advance programming techniques such as JAVA, Microsoft ActiveX and VBScript for Interactive Multimedia Web Pages.
Electronic Information and Online Database Publishing:

Whatever business you are in, you are definitely interested in the future of the Web,CYBER DESIGN GROUP  gives you every thing you need to set up your own powerful Web Database publishing system.

•Design and development of a complete Secure Web database publishing system.
•Create database-driven Web sites using proven technologies developed by Leading developers.
•Set up flexible database servers and integrate the Web services.
•Use of the latest technologies and languages like ODBC, Java, JavaScript, and Visual Basic.

Please feel free to drop us a line if you'd like more info.                              

• Web Design & Management • Web Hosting • Web Marketing • Desktop Publishing • Graphic Design • Commercial Photography • Internet Consultation & Security Services  • Display Advertising Design •

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